Garth Meyer was born in South Africa in 1967. He holds a Diploma in Technical Photography from Langara College in Vancouver. Currently resident in South Africa where he has received a diploma in Film and Television, Meyer's credentials also include the 2005 Apollo Film Festival held in Victoria West, and Best South African Film at the 2007 Oudtshoorn Film Festival.

Meyer's current artistic conviction lies in large-format documentary nature photography. Meyer's political and conceptual groundings, centred upon the destruction of primary forests in Africa make his work radical enough to fit the contemporary art mould. However, Meyer's use of large-format photography also separates him from contemporary art practices, which tends to embrace digital mediums or smaller film formats.

The high level of detail in Meyer's work characterizes his ability to frame elements from nature that are not easily perceived by human vision. As opposed to normal vision, where reality is filtered by our senses in order to economize on sensory information, Meyer's photographs capture every detail in resolutions far higher than the capacity of the human eye, causing a controlled sensory overload of information.

Meyer plays abstraction against realism, and his images are often so detailed that they begin to mimic many Abstract Expressionist painters, such as Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline.

From this perspective Meyer faithfully extracts as much experiential information as he can from nature, poeticizing this information in the form of photographic texts that cross borders, both geographically, stylistically and interdisciplinary, particularly hybridizing the seemingly indifferent roles of the journalist, scientist, and artist.

Click here to view images and details on Meyer's first solo exhibition at the Rooke Gallery, titled The Study of Trees.

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