A Videocast is a digital media file containing video and audio content that is distributed over the Internet for playback on personal computers and portable media players (e.g. Apple iPod). Rooke Gallery Videocasts feature the work on exhibition and are narrated by the artists themselves to provide the public with a deeper appreciation of the art on exhibition. A recommendation would be to download the Videocast and watch it on your personal computer and/or transfer it to your portable media player (e.g. Apple iPod with Video support) to watch at your leisure. You are welcome to forward Rooke Gallery Videocasts to friends.

For Apple (for direct import into iTunes)

Download the Videocast and view it in iTunes or on your video enabled iPod. In iTunes, ensure that your album artwork tab is open.
Click on the image to enjoy the video in full screen format.

For Windows

Download the Videocast in a Windows Media Player (.WMV) format.
You will be able to watch the video in most Window's compatible media players.